About us


Star Connect Entertainment (P) Ltd is India’s leading events and sports marketing company. Established in 2011, Star Connect quickly gained space amongst few companies undertaking premium events thanks to a strong team that constantly innovates and executes diverse projects across the industry. Sports strategy and brand development are our key areas of interest. Star Connect is driven by creative team eager to deliver. From live events to high-end weddings, corporate galas and fund raisers, we are constantly expanding. Our niche yet popular sports properties are attracting franchisees and fans.



We are on a mission to make your Event more electrifying, pleasant and productive. We empower event professionals, by simplifying event management complexity and by connecting people to successful Events.


We bring together your entire requirement in one place, which is instantly searchable and available wherever you want your event to be done. We intend to provide our clients with the best Events services from beginning to end.

Our Clients